• Natural does not determine your lash length only fullness
  • Package deals are non transferable
  • A lash party consists of 2-4 people  (each person has to pay the deposit)
  • One discount per visit

New Client Deals

$100 for a natural set

$120 for glam set

$155 for a natural set and one refill

$180 for glam and one refill

* refills are done every two to three weeks.

Is It Your Birthday?

$10 off your service

Getting married ?

inquire about bride and bridesmaid prices

Refer A Friend

$10 off next visit

*make sure your friend mentions you during booking!

​​The Lash Fairy

Package Deals

2 natural sets-$200 ($250 value)

2 unlimited count sets-$250 ($300 value)

4 natural refills- $260 ($300 value)

4 unlimited count refills-$300 ($340 value)

​*travel fee not included

Lash Party

Host receives 20% off her service.

$80 partial sets (about 60 lashes per eye)