The Lash Fairy

F.Y.I (lashes)

  • A full set of  eyelash extensions starts at 80 lashes per eye,  you can get as many extensions as you have natural lashes. So the possibilities are endless. Curvature and thickness differs from person to person or in some cases from eye to eye.
  • People normally shed 1-4 lashes per day and go through a shedding cycle every 60-90 days. In that time you loose up to 8 lashes a day. the shedding cycle lasts about two weeks.
  • Your initial set of  lash extensions may take anywhere from and hour and a half to three hours depending on how full of a set you are getting.
  • The fuller the lash set the less you'll have to come back for a refill.
  • If  you have damage from cluster lashes or improper application give your natural lashes a chance to grow back on their own before getting lash extensions.
  • Natural lashes are "hormonal hair" meaning they may not always grow back the same with the same thickness or curvature after they have been damaged .

Eyelash extensions is a procedure that requires strand by strand application . Eyelash extensions last 3-5 weeks with proper after care. Lash refills are required every 2-3 weeks to maintain a full fresh set of lashes. Extensions shed with your natural lash growth cycle (this is different for everybody). So as long as you keep getting regular refills and properly care for your lashes you can wear eyelash extensions FOREVER! Did I mention you can get them wet so they are perfect for vacations.


Micropigmentation is a semi-permanent eyebrow procedure that is preformed using a special hand tool that houses needles that resemble and operate like a blade. The required pigment is deposited into the superficial dermis of the skin. The thin blade is used to create hair like stokes that resembles the natural eyebrow. 

F.Y.I (micropigmentation)

  • ​Pigment is matched to natural eyebrow hair color, not the color of the make up used to fill them in.
  • The service is more uncomfortable than painful. While this depends on the individuals pain threshold.
  • Healing takes approximately 7-12 days. And about 1 month for the color to set.
  • ​Touch ups are required every 12-24 months as they start to fade over time, normally in 12 months.